How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet - PLUS 65 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas!

Story Tonic - How to Create the Perfect Lead Magnet

Want to know what to do to stop people from signing up for your email list? Tell them to: "Sign up for updates." 

This may have worked 10 years ago (but even then this was hardly ideal) but this is one of the best ways to ensure people scroll right past your subscription offer. In today’s world, you've got to do more than just offering updates to get someone on your email list!

But don’t worry, this post is all about helping you do A LOT better than that! 

NOTE: For those of you who may be thinking, “Why Do I Even Need An Email List?” Check out the blog post on the 7 Reasons you need an Email List


How do I get my website visitors to sign up to my email list?


Put simply, you offer something of value in exchange for their email address.

It sounds simple enough, right? But once you decide to do it, you’ll find that it's surprisingly difficult to convince someone to give out their email address. Why? Because an email inbox is a personal space and people are reluctant to give you access to that space. Even if your customers like your brand, they won’t sign up to your list unless they know they can gain something of value.

 That’s where the lead magnet comes in.


What is a lead magnet? What Is An Email Opt-In? 

An email opt-in or lead magnet is something VALUABLE you give out for free in exchange for adding someone’s email address to your email list. With email addresses, you can nurture leads, build trust and convert some of them to become paying clients. Email marketing still has the highest ROI of all other forms of marketing today.

No matter how good you are at what you do, only some visitors to your website will be ready to click your "Buy now" or “Book now” button. This is why a lead magnet is so important. It offers your visitors a low risk way to get to know you before deciding to do business with you. 

It gives you the opportunity to deepen the relationship first.


How do I create the perfect lead magnet for my audience?

One of the questions I hear most often when helping clients develop their marketing strategy is: how do I build the perfect lead magnet my customers can't ignore? 

There are many different types of lead magnets you can create (check out the list of 90 ideas to help you brainstorm below!) 

However, whatever lead magnet you decide to create, it must:

  1. Be helpful 
  2. Provide a useful or valuable insight into something your audience is struggling with
  3. Provide an instant quick fix so that people feel like they have already benefited from your advice or help just by signing up.
  4. Be easy to implement
  5. Be quick to read
  6. Act as a bridge toward your products, services or offerings 



What makes an ideal lead magnet?

The key to a high-converting lead magnet is to first, deeply understand and connect to your customer's problems.  

Next you offer them an answer to one of the problems they are struggling with for FREE.

If you have completed your StoryBrand BrandScript you will already know the three levels of problems your customers face and all you have to do is dig into the "External Problem" section of the BrandScript to find your perfect lead magnet idea.

It's that simple.

The truth is that not all lead magnets are effective and sadly, some completely miss the mark and fail to grow any type of list. But when the offer is positioned just right, delivered with the right design and copy, your list can suddenly flourish at an incredible rate.


65 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Here is a comprehensive list of 65 highly effective lead magnet ideas to help you find the right idea for your business:


45 Lead Magnet Ideas for getting email addresses from new prospects

  1. Checklist
  2. Cheat Sheet
  3. Worksheet
  4. Video Training
  5. Email Course
  6. Quiz
  7. Toolkit
  8. Resource List
  9. Templates
  10. Free Custom Report
  11. PDF Guide
  12. Infographic
  13. Giveaway
  14. Free Scripts
  15. Swipe File
  16. Event Recordings/Replays
  17. Podcast Download
  18. Audio Recording
  19. Audio course
  20. First chapter of a Book (PDF or Audiobook)
  21. Video Course
  22. Free Branded Materials
  23. Free Photographs/Illustrations
  24. Slideshare/Powerpoint Download
  25. Mind Map
  26. Spreadsheet
  27. Transcripts
  28. Physical DVD or CD
  29. Physical Book
  30. Quick-Start Guide
  31. Workbook
  32. Curated Newsletter/Blog Posts
  33. Roundups
  34. Calendar
  35. Access to Facebook Group/Slack Group
  36. Access to Members Only Area
  37. Access to Mobile Apps
  38. Original Data/Research
  39. Whitepaper/Report
  40. Poster
  41. Newsletter Subscription
  42. Resource Library
  43. Graphs
  44. Timelines
  45. Free Magazine Subscription


12 Lead Magnet Ideas for promoting your products and services

  1. Free Trial
  2. Software Download
  3. Case Studies
  4. Membership Registration
  5. Free Shipping
  6. Webinar
  7. Free Tickets To Workshop/Live Event
  8. Early Bird Registration discount
  9. FAQ’s
  10. Free Sample
  11. Free Coaching Session
  12. Brochure/Catalog


8 Lead Magnet Ideas for people who you have established a connection with you and are close to the point of purchase

  1. Free Assessment
  2. Discount Offer
  3. Free Consultation
  4. Comparison Charts
  5. Software Demo
  6. Price Points Page
  7. Free Trial
  8. Loyalty Program



How do I optimize my Lead Magnet?

Here's my advice: when you launch a new lead magnet, measure the conversion rate for 10 - 30 days (depending on your website traffic volume). 

Next try another lead magnet offer and measure again for the same time frame. 

Now look at the one that is more successful and think how you can modify it to improve the optin rate. Do this regularly until you have reached the best optin rate for that offer. Have patience with tracking results and then modifying and tweaking till you get a conversion rate you’re happy with. 



☑ Take Action


  • TIP: Ask an existing client, customer or blog reader to take a look and give you honest feedback on your Lead Magnet idea. This will give you INVALUABLE feedback about whether you are on the right track.
  • Want some one on one help for generating leads for your email list - with less stress and frustration? Let’s chat.


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