How to Create a Brand Message Your Audience Will Love


Every brand needs a message.

A brand message tells a story that gets people excited about  what your company delivers. A great brand message touches peoples’ hearts with a story they identify with. It inspires them and compels them to take action.

Your brand messaging should be consistent everywhere you communicate- from your website to your ads, and social media posts. Persuasive brand messages get noticed, remembered and their products and services become desired. In a world that bombards us with messages every day, the only way to stand out against your competition is through a message you have refined till it becomes clear and simple. 

Creating a compelling brand message  isn't easy.


How to Build a Brand Message that Stands Out

A brand is made up of the words, images, logos, colors and taglines you use.

But of course, it’s actually more than that.

It’s truly about the experience that aligns with those images and words.

And all of these should be carefully crafted to elicit the thoughts and the feelings you intend people to associate with your brand.

If you want your business to thrive, you’ve got to be clear about all of these.



It all starts with your story


This is one of the most difficult parts of messaging: you are the expert in your business and synthesizing all of your research and expertise into actionable and effective phrases can be incredibly hard.

Once you are able to distill all that information into clear actionable content you start to turn your message into a key element that powers your business.

We all know that clear communication matters but we all know that saying the right things to reach your ideal client can be hard. So what’s the best way to speak to them?



A powerful marketing message must do these things:

  • Provide a clear description of what your business does

  • Tell your potential clients how you help solve a problem or fulfill a need they have

  • Convey the value of your offer

  • Explain what makes you different to your competitors

  • Communicate what life looks like for them on the other side of working with you

  • Create an inspiring, compelling image in their minds of what life looks like for them on the other side of working with you

  • And of course, motivates them to take action



Keep in mind that your ideal clients are primarily motivated by what you can do for them and the benefits they will get if they choose to invest their money with you. They are looking for solutions.

As you craft your brand message make sure you’ve addressed how you communicate how you:

  • Solve a problem they are currently experiencing

  • Improve a process that is not working for them

  • Generate revenue

  • Help them cut costs

  • Grow business

  • Make life easier for them

  • Teach them how to do something they need to know to do all or any of the above

Most solutions you offer should in some way involve saving money, creating opportunity, saving time, stop wasting time or helping people feel better.

A powerful message must be focused directly on the people you serve. Once you do this, they will listen to what you have to say. 


The One-Liner

The most important message to have in your toolbox is your One Liner— it’s a one-line (or 2-3 sentence) description that you use when you speak to your potential clients. It lets people quickly picture how interacting with your brand will improve their life. 

When you create your One Liner Phrase, speak directly to their needs and wants


  1. The problem your client is facing

  2. Why you solve it and how

  3. An explanation of the value you can bring and why you stand out from other people doing the same thing


The Story Narrative

A Story Narrative is made up of short, clear phrases you can memorize that you can confidently use almost anywhere. Having a clear brand message means that if someone asks you what your brand is all about, whether at an event or in an email, you’ll be able to use the same concepts and the same words to communicate effectively and concisely.

You won’t waste time searching for the right words, because with your one-liners already carefully crafted, you’ll get the right message across with no effort. Which means you can focus on actually connecting with people and stop worrying about finding the right things to say!

This paragraph begins with a clear sense of the type of client you want to reach, and what problem you can help them solve. It also makes them feel special because they know you’ve designed your program, product or service for them and have taken the time to think about them. You convey that you care that they win the day.


A Brand Tagline

Great taglines are just a few words long but are powerful enough to evoke a picture in the hearts and minds of your customers.

When it’s done right, a powerful tagline can capture the essence of your business and attract followers who resonate with your message. It encapsulates a core idea about your brand and can instantly give people insight into what you do and why it matters to them. 

There are 2 types of tagline:

  1. The first just conveys what your business is about or what you offer

  2. The second is an actionable tagline that works like a call to action and it motivates your audience to do something!


Once you have a tagline drafted, ask these clarifying questions:

  1. Does your tagline get you noticed?

  2. Does it clearly explain what you do?

  3. Does it communicate why people should care?

If it’s a yes on 2 or more questions, congratulations! (And it's OK if it takes time to refine your message till you get there- that's a normal part of the process.)


One important pitfall to look out for…

Lots of business owners fall in love with a clever or witty tagline which they think makes them look good. In most cases however, these can sometimes fail to communicate all the things above so they end up confusing people.

Don’t worry about being too funny or clever, just focus on being clear.


Why this matters in your business

Building a clear message is work and requires a real deep dive into your mission, vision and values as a business. But it's worth it. When you have a clear message you have a powerful tool for growth. Download the guide on how to makeover your message here.


☑ Take Action

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