Forging Genuine Connections using LinkedIn with Jen Corcoran

Jen Corcoran joins Nathalie Pincham on the "Your Success Tonic" podcast today to talk about how to forge genuine connections using LinkedIn .

Jen Corcoran joins me on the "Your Success Tonic" podcast today to talk about how to forge genuine connections using LinkedIn. We discuss the transformative power of genuine engagement on the platform.


In our conversation we cover:

  • Effective strategies to showcase your skills and experience on LinkedIn
  • Jen’s PACT Framework that empowers individuals to build their personal brand on LinkedIn.
  • Networking habits you should develop to establish meaningful connections with people.
  • Using LinkedIn to build brand presence and generate leads.

Meet Jen Corcoran

Jen Corcoran is a coach and authority marketing specialist who is passionate about empowering sensitive and empathic female coaches, consultants, and trainers to amplify their presence on LinkedIn. Through her 4-stage PACT framework, which stands for Presence, Action, Connect, and Thrive, Jen helps her clients supercharge their LinkedIn profiles, make authentic connections, and attract clients. Her mission is to empower millions of sensitive individuals to use LinkedIn to drive positive change in their lives and others' by creating prosperity and endless opportunities. Jen's clients leave feeling reinvigorated, confident, and ready to seize all the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer.

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