How brand storytelling can help you build momentum in your business

How brand storytelling can help you build momentum in your business

There’s one document I create for my clients that they tell me revitalizes their entire business.

One document?


It’s a Brand Messaging Playbook.

Think of it as your messaging architecture: it’s a powerful way to get a clear direction for every message you put together from your website to your company mission and vision.


How to Tell Your Brand Story, Better.

Brand storytelling is hugely effective because the human brain is wired to remember and connect to stories.

To make the most impact, you need to tell your brand story consistently across all touchpoints and in every piece of content.

But what usually happens is when I ask five different people in a company to describe the brand, I hear five different answers and five different stories. Which means that the message becomes fragmented and muddled.

This is why a Brand Messaging Playbook is so useful. By having a reference guide that clearly articulates who you are, what you do, and how you do it—in clear, simple, and memorable language—you make it easier for you and your team to talk about your brand with a consistent and clear voice. 

The work that we put in together to craft a Brand Messaging Playbook helps you understand your customer’s journey, their internal struggles, and speak to them with meaningful messaging. When we put together your Playbook, I lay out everything you need to know so every piece of marketing collateral you and your team put out will be effective and efficient. This is a recipe for boosting sales.


What it Looks Like

We help you perfect a brand narrative which you can use across all of your marketing materials. It’s the absolute best tool to make your marketing work because the best way to generate more buzz for your business and convert more leads into long-term customers is to invite them into a story.

With a targeted Brand Messaging Playbook in hand, you'll have a marketing strategy tool that uses the elements of story to help your business connect with more customers. I help identify and refine your core positioning concept, the brand identity, and a messaging framework for connecting those core brand elements to your key audience. You can use it anywhere, from your website, print pieces, or chatting to someone at a networking event.

It’s the foundation for a brand and website that works to grow your business.



A Brand Tagline: A short, memorable phrase that is conveys the essence of your brand identity.

A Story Pitch: A short version of your brand story that can be told to someone in less than 15 seconds.  It should include why your business exists, what you do, the audience you serve, and how you stand out.

Brand Pillars: The core attributes that support your brand positioning strategy and the brand identity that expresses it. Brand pillars should be unique and true to your organization and easy for your internal team(s) to remember. They help determine what brand messages are appropriate and which are not.

Brand Narrative: Your brand story is usually anything from 25 to 150-words, to keep it flexible and easy to use.

Guiding Principles for your company based on your core brand message: This is usually an internal document that conveys the heart and mission behind your core positioning, value proposition, brand identity, and brand messages.

Key Questions

To get to the heart of your message, here’s and example of 2 (of many!) critical questions your Brand Messaging Guide will dive deep to answer:



In this section, you’ll get to really know your brand hero. We consider their lifestyle and delve into their goals, core values, hidden fears, secret hopes and struggles. It’s a lot easier to create a message for someone once you know them!


Now that you know who your brand is talking to, you’re ready to join them on their journey and guide them toward success. By delivering a transformational narrative, you’ll be able to center your messaging around your customer’s primary concerns and struggles so that you can show that you not only understand the problems they face, but have the key to unlocking the solution.


Why this Matters to You

One of the best parts—and certainly the part most of our clients look forward to—is the results this delivers.

When you know who you’re speaking to and how to speak to them, you not only feel confident that your messaging is saying the right thing to the right people, you save time by being strategic about who you’re speaking to. Guess what else you save? Money. Being specific about who you’re speaking to also prevents you from wasting time and money trying to reach people who will never buy from you.

One of my clients, a high performance business coach, received 7 leads in 5 days after launching his new website compared to 2 or 3 a month previously. Another client, a boutique travel agency, had this to say about their Brand Playbook: “Our sales have increased by 27% compared to last year and we’re only six months in!”


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