Interview on the The 50, Not Dead Podcast

I recently had the incredible honor of being a guest on the 50 Not Dead podcast with the amazing Kamrin Huban.

What an fun conversation it was—a story of turning burnout into brilliance, unveiling your "zone of genius," and the pivotal role of entrepreneurship in realizing your true potential.

I couldn't be more excited to share some the episode with you.


Building Unwavering Self-Worth and Breaking Free

During our conversation, we explored the secrets to building unwavering self-worth and breaking free from the need for external validation. It's a journey I know intimately, having faced my own doubts and insecurities. The realisation that our value is not determined by titles or achievements, but by the authenticity we bring to the table, is a game-changer.

Keep Showing Up

In one powerful moment, I shared a message that resonated deeply with Kamrin: "You are so much further ahead than you think. And you bring so much more than you realize."

When my mentor spoke these words to me, it shifted everything for me, and they can for you too.

Thank you, Kamrin, for this opportunity to share my story and insights. Keep showing up, keep being seen, and remember, brilliance knows no age!


Listen to the Episode

I invite you to join me on this empowering journey by listening to the inspiring episode of the 50 Not Dead Podcast: