The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business Online in 2021

Story Tonic Marketing Checklist

Whether you’ve been in business for 1 year or 10 years— having an effective online marketing strategy is the clearest path to your business growth.

The problem is, there are so many options and so many people giving conflicting marketing advice that you may be thinking you couldn’t possibly get all this stuff done or maybe you don't think you have the time to create a marketing plan.

The thing is that taking care of your marketing when you have time is as effective as planting seeds one day and expecting to see flowers in your garden the next. Marketing is a long game which requires patience and awareness of all the moving parts!

The Essential Marketing Checklist

Effective marketing all comes down to answering three important questions:

  1. How do your ideal clients discover your business online?

  2. How do you set yourself up for success when people do land on your website so that you turn your online visitors into customers?
  3. How do you encourage people to take action (in an authentic way, not through pushy, sleazy tactics)?

In order to help you stay ahead, I’ve created a SIMPLE marketing checklist, covering everything you need to start seeing results from your marketing:

In this 10-Page PDF, you'll get: 

  • A simplified 7-part Marketing Roadmap
  • 52 yes or no questions to help you hone in on the areas of your marketing that you need to focus on 
  • Tips and tricks for how to creating a successful online marketing strategy

Get the step-by-step online marketing checklist to help your business grow online. 



☑ Take Action

  • The Wrap Up: Once you’ve downloaded the guide and taken a hard look at your marketing, you’ll see that this can make a real difference for your brand.

  • TIP: Ask someone who is your ideal client, customer or blog reader to take a look and give you honest feedback on one of the questions relating to how your business is perceived. This will give you INVALUABLE feedback.

  • BONUS: Download the free Social Media Content Calendar: A social media content calendar is a cornerstone of your entire online marketing strategy. Maintaining a social media calendar lets you plan ahead, batch your work, avoid multitasking, and note down all your creative brainwaves for later. When you download the Story Tonic Business Bundle you get a free template for building yours.

  • You might also LOVE getting a free website check up from me - getting a fresh perspective on your site can really help. Book a free marketing review where we help you figure out what to focus on next!



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