Surviving Toxic Environments and Burnout with Dr. Erika Bocknek

Dr. Erika Bocknek joins Nathalie Pincham on the "Your Success Tonic" podcast today to talk about surviving toxic environments and burnout.

Empower your emotional intelligence with the latest Your Success Tonic podcast episode featuring Dr. Erika Bocknek! In our discussion, we go into the impact of toxic workplace environments on wellbeing and explore the idea of embracing uncertainty as a potential avenue for growth.


In our conversation we cover:

  • Discover how nurturing social and emotional skills from an early age can help shape successful individuals. 
  • Understand why empathy in the workplace is crucial for a healthy environment, and why personal wellbeing is a shared responsibility. Dive into the allure of the unknown and how it can lead to positive outcomes. 
  • Learn about the damaging effects of double bind communication and why self-awareness is key to prevent it.



This interview is perfect for those interested in emotional intelligence, workplace wellness, communication skills, and personal growth. 


Keywords: Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Workplace Wellness, Success Coaching


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Meet Dr. Erika Bocknek

Dr. Erika Bocknek, an esteemed researcher, Family Therapist, Educator, and mother of three. specializing in social and emotional development, She underscores the vital role of social and emotional learning (SEL) in addressing the prevailing mental health crisis at work.


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