How Winging it Helps you Win with Laurie Drake

Laurie Drake joins Nathalie Pincham on the

Laurie Drake joins me on the "Your Success Tonic" podcast today to talk about why sometimes “Winging It” can be the best way to drive your leadership forward.


In our conversation we cover:

  • When an element of winging it has served Laurie well as she stepped into a new CEO role
  • When and why frameworks can actually hold you back
  • How to build your confidence and self trust when you’re just starting something




Meet Laurie Drake

Laurie wears many hats. She's a business and career coach, she runs a sales and marketing business, is the Chair of the Board of a Food Bank and also a volunteer fitness instructor at the YMCA.  


Laurie is passionate about helping people do work that matters to them and wants to help more people find their ambition and define success on their own terms. 

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