You Can't Just 'Let It Go': Janet Barrett's Wake-Up Call to a Crisis We Can't Ignore

Janet Barrett joins Nathalie Pincham on the "Your Success Tonic" podcast today to talk about breaking the silence around mental health and how she is changing the game in mental health advocacy.

Janet Barrett joins Nathalie Pincham on the "Your Success Tonic" podcast today to talk about breaking the silence around mental health and how she is changing the game in mental health advocacy.


Meet Janet



Janet Barrett is a proactive mental health advocate, educator, and writer who hates the phrase “just let that sh*t go.”She grew up not able to just let her trauma go and eventually broke from the weight of it. That's when she learned you need to deal with it - not just magically let it go.Now, Janet’s passion is to help others learn how to deal with their own sh*t and to change the way the world approaches mental healthcare.Janet founded Cerebral Health, a company dedicated to proactive mental health education and strategy and wrote Stop The Break to share her approach. Her goal is to slay the stigma around mental health, how we treat it, how we identify it, and to help others learn how to thrive. She explains that most of us are just going through the motionsin life, that we are enduring life, not enjoying it (presenteeism). She also teaches that we are not alone, the magnitude of the mental health crisis, the importance of early identification, the potential for positive results, and actionable ideas to stop the break from happening to anyone else.When she is not stigma slaying, you can find Janet at home near Boston with her 4 kids and dog, finding balance and joy in life.


In our conversation we cover:

  • Beyond "Letting It Go": A Deeper Dive into Emotional Resolution
  • Discover how to address deeper emotions and issues effectively.
  • Get insights on what presenteeism is and its far-reaching effects on individuals and organizations. Uncover strategies to combat this issue and embrace a healthier work-life balance.
  • Find out what motivated Janet to write her book and what she hopes readers will gain from it. 
  • Explore Janet’s inspiring journey of returning to school at 50 and how this decision impacted her life for the better. Plus: advice for those contemplating similar life changes later in life.
  • Discover practical tips and strategies for managing overwhelm and stress. 


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