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What challenges are you facing right now?


—  Are you wanting to reach your next level of income and impact, putting in the hard work, and yet not getting the results you’re used to?


—  Perhaps you know your business isn't working like it should, but have NO IDEA what the key problem is so you are overwhelmed and consumed by what to do next?


—  Are you looking for new and authentic ways to connect with clients so you can stop trying marketing strategies that go against the grain of who you are?

—  Do you need to figure out how to get more done in less time so you can stop working 14 hour days and wearing all the hats?


—  Do you feel you were meant to achieve great things but struggle to feel consistently energized by your mission because business feels so HARD? 


—  Are you wanting to create a clear and concise message that everyone understands so you can break into your market with confidence?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the next question is, do you have someone to guide you through these roadblocks?


For most high-acheivers, the answer is no. 


But if you want to get to the next level, you need to find people who will not only advocate for your vision but also give you the tools to actually turn your goals into reality.

I want to empower you to realize your business mission – without the struggle.

With me as your coach, we'll quickly conquer your issues and challenges to create the positive changes you’ve been looking for in your business.

We'll work to make sure you end up with a thriving, sustainable business that not only reflects what you stand for but also protects your business' greatest asset – YOU


"I loved our coaching sessions! I am so inspired by the things you said and helped me think about. Thanks for giving me guidance when I needed it. You opened up options in my mind I never thought of! Thank you, thank you, thank you again."

—Amy M., Business Owner Washington DC

Ready to roll-up your sleeves & eliminate what’s holding you back?





   Clarify your vision. Your message. Your mission.

   Audit your biggest challenges & know your next steps. 

Get focused
 and i
dentify the best way to manage your time to support your business and your work-life balance

Zero in
 on the steps to build your business that leverages your strengths 

Dig deep
 into how you connect with your audience — through your content strategy, website messaging, in your emails, and across your company communications

 a profitable, impactful business that allows you create the positive changes you’ve been working so hard for in your life & business




The Clarity Intensive  


  ZERO IN ON WHAT MATTERS Explore Your Goals, dreams, and ambitions.

 on what’s holding you back from achieving those effortlessly. 

between where you are and where you want to be.
  GET TOOLS AND RESOURCES to break through, close the gap and turn your big vision into a reality.

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The Launch Lab


An all-new group coaching experience for the driven business owner who is READY to build and grow a message and a business - NOW.

 8 WEEKLY 60-MINUTE GROUP CALLS with Nathalie, held via Zoom per month. These groups are kept small and everyone on the call gets an opportunity to ask questions & receive support

  EXPERT ADVICE at a fraction of the cost of private coaching

✓ 1 THIRTY MINUTE 1:1 COACHING CALL to support you as you take action in your business

PRIVATE FB GROUP Support your group and stay on track between sessions by sharing your struggles, getting your questions answered and celebrating wins! 

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The Deep Dive


A supportive partnership to help you build and plan around your strengths, expertise, and business mission:

✓ WEEKLY ONE to ONE 60-MINUTE COACHING SESSIONS with Nathalie, held via Zoom per month.

✓ PERSONALIZED ACTION PLAN: We'll start by identifying your top business growth areas and proactively tackle what’s preventing your business from scaling. You'll get customized weekly assignments

✓ UNLIMITED EMAIL SUPPORT between calls to support you as you take action in your business

✓  CONTENT FEEDBACK - Review of any content you create by a StoryBrand certified copywriter

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How we get started:

Submitting an application doesn't obligate you to anything. After applying, you’ll receive an email inviting you to book your obligation-free discovery call.
If we both feel excited by the idea of moving forward together after the call, I'll send you a plan and pricing for working together.
There is a minimum commitment of 6 sessions for all coaching programs but once that’s over, you can renew as many times as you like. 
If that sounds good to you, click the button to apply today!
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"Nathalie's work is fantastic and her recommendations were spot-on. I absolutely love working with her and recommend her to anyone needing to clarify their message, hone in on their distinct ability to make an impact, or understand how to leverage their story as a powerful business strategy."

GRACE E., Nonprofit Board President 

Let’s put our heads together to create a plan-of-action for you that works to make a massive shift in your business & your bottom line


What you need now is a partner who will draw out your strengths. Someone who is truly invested in helping you succeed. A guide to walk you through what works and what doesn’t, so you can make faster progress.

By having a coach with you as you take action, you'll be getting specific-to-you feedback and all your questions answered so you know exactly what to do to really move the needle for your business. 

I can't wait to hear from you.


"Nathalie is a great listener...I felt like she really got into my head about the mission for my business and how that could be transferred into a brand identity, message and website. I get compliments on the changes in the business all the time!"

BILL HESS, Engineer 

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