A science-backed, heart-driven assessment to help you reduce stress and achieve positive outcomes in all areas of your life and get you to new levels of confidence and meaningful success.


All True Power Is From Within.


Imagine waking up every day with the feeling that you know how to shape your life into the one you envision. Taking an ELI assessment will help you: 

  Discover your stress triggers 

  Learn to respond to situations rather than react to them

  Remove the things that you believe are keeping you stuck

  Take yourself to the next level in your success

  Discover the truth about where your power is blocked and the exact steps to unleash it so you can reach higher levels of income, impact and influence

  Experience profound and practical insights to help you transform your relationships, confidence level, and leadership skills

This was honestly the best experience! The personalized insights and coaching I received with Nathalie were  more actionable than any other evaluation or test I've ever taken. I can't wait to take this forward!




Your Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) will connect you with the simple online assessment which takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Once the results are in, you’ll be guided through a  60-minute 1:1 ELI debrief session. Through this personalized session, you’ll dive deep into your results and uncover a clear path to awakening your potential, and creating a life in alignment with your work and life goals. 


What's Included:

  • One Energy Leadership™ Index assessment: Once you purchase, we will connect you with the simple online assessment, which takes about 20 minutes to complete. 
  • Your Energy Leadership™ Index written report: A comprehensive breakdown of your personalized results in a printable PDF.
  • One Personalized Coaching Session: During this session, we’ll dive deep into your results and uncover a clear path to awakening your potential. You’ll gain insights into where (and how) you’re investing your energy and discover a clear path to your work and life goals.
  • PLUS! Finally getting these insights will get you unstuck and give you the confidence boost to see new possibilities ahead! 

Hi, I'm Nathalie

I'm a Success Coach and a business strategist. I’m also the host of the Your Success Tonic podcast.

I'm the coach you come to when you’ve grown tired of working flat out and still putting the same goals on your list every year. When you work with me, you get access to internationally acclaimed coaching tools and business frameworks that help you master high performance and actually move the needle on your goals. I am committed to being with you at every step as you follow your boldest, most exciting dreams for a business and a life that lights you up. 

I can't wait to meet you!

In May 2018, Forbes ranked the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, third among best “Assessments Every Executive Should Take”, to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.