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The VIP Story Makeover

The Story You Tell about Yourself Shapes Not Just Your Success but your Entire Life.

A high-touch group coaching program for driven business owners who are READY to create a compelling, aligned story for their business and personal success, right now.

It's time to upgrade your story, uplevel your energetic frequency and create different results.

After your Story Makeover, You'll Be Able To:

✓ Play to your Strengths: Know how to build your business around your strengths

✓  Identify the ideal brand message to make great money

  Know exactly how to shift the story you are telling yourself so you can actually get the results you want

✓ Feel crystal clear with your business message so you can confidently grow your business 

 Know exactly how to answer the question, “What do you do?” from an authentic place of inner alignment that makes people excited to hire you!


  • WEEKLY LASER COACHING SESSIONS Unlimited 15-minute 1:1 sessions with Nathalie to clear any blocks that are coming up for you and keep you making progress
  • CONTENT FEEDBACK  Review of any content you create during the program
  • A BRAND STORY PLAYBOOK CREATED FOR YOU with cut and paste reusable copy FINE-TUNED FOR YOU, including: 

    • A polished 7-part storytelling message that invites clients into story
    • A fast pitch you can use in meetings, on calls or even at parties!
    • A perfected website landing page blueprint that will get you more business
    • A lead generator designed for you to collect emails and onboard customers
    • A 5-part email nurture sequence written for you to increase sales

What People Are Saying:

Nathalie is a smart and loving coach who has such an encouraging way of helping me see my blind spots and move around them. Underneath that elegant exterior she’s a TOTAL bada$$ and brings such high energy that you can't help walking away inspired and energized! She always knows exactly what to say to help me come up with a new way to see the issues I am solving. I am so grateful to her for this work and helping with my growth. Her coaching is taking root for my vision to blossom!