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I’ve helped Entrepreneurs, Nonprofits, Founders, Creatives, Expert Service Providers, and Coaches clarify their brand message and build profitable brands.

Below are some featured client recommendations and reviews.



We are absolutely loving our amazing brand story, new logo and website. The new site has been a fantastic catalyst to growth -even our Facebook page! The site looks phenomenal. All the feedback we’re getting is that clients are blown away by the new site- you’ve knocked their socks off!! It surely makes me a stand out in the industry. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done.

Wishes Travel


We couldn’t be more pleased. Our site is fast, smart and useful. I feel a great sense of pride about it and send people to it all the time. It’s truly an integral part of how we tell our story to our prospective clients. The sense of renewal and the burst of energy that came with our updated web presence has been a big boost to our firm.”


"Since implementing our new brand & this storytelling strategy on our website and marketing with Nathalie, we have seen a steady stream of leads each week and we're now booked 12 months ahead. I don't even have to think about our marketing anymore!” 


—James P., Construction Business Owner


I approached Nathalie at Story Tonic because I needed to get clear on how to position my brand messaging. I had several pieces I needed to blend together and I wasn't sure how. I now have an entire brand narrative done, all the copy I need to create a compelling Homepage and messaging that makes sense for my offer. My favorite part of working with Nathalie was that she was patient with me and helped me get really clear when I was stuck. Working with Nathalie was a real gift to me and my business!

Business Coach


There's a common thread in everything Nathalie does which is about supporting you 100% where you are - she gives you the EXACT tools you need to make massive progress and move out of overwhelm. Working with her is inspiring and energizing because she is totally invested in you and is excited about your business vision even when you're doubting yourself. My experience is that everything Nathalie does is powerful, precise and done in a beautiful way.

Life Coach + Educator

"I loved our coaching sessions! I am so inspired by the things you said and helped me think about. Thanks for giving me guidance when I needed it. You opened up options in my mind I never thought of! Thank you, thank you, thank you again."

—Amy M., Business Owner Washington DC


Story Tonic is a true joy to work with. Nathalie's creative approach is hugely inspiring and really helps put the real you into words and images that you may have struggled to come up with on your own. I am a current client and I LOVE working with them!



Nathalie is a wonderful designer, strategic thinker, and partner. In working with her, you feel like she's part of your business. She does wonderful work. I can't recommend Nathalie highly enough.

High-level performance coach and consultant

"Nathalie is an empathic, kind coach and her 1 to 1 coaching helped me walk away fully equipped to move forward with purpose and clarity in my business. I've found the sessions super insightful and always come away with useful tools to move forward with my goals. I feel completely supported by her. Hiring Nathalie was definitely one of the best decisions I've made!"

—Cora T., Medical Practice Owner


All creative design is simply divided into two parts: process and product. I have watched the best and I’ve worked with the best. A few, a very few, can balance these two parts. When you see it, it’s magical. Nathalie has that magic.



Nathalie is a great listener...I felt like she really got into my head about the mission for my business and how that could be transferred into a brand identity, message and website. Customers love the website- I get compliments on it all the time!



"I was struggling with writing a compelling lead generator and sales campaign that would resonate with my clients. Nathalie was able to pinpoint the exact message I wanted to share in clear and compelling way. She offered a high value offering that would entice prospective clients to continue a relationship with my business. My emails are showing a 65% open rate which is unheard of in email marketing. I am excited to see how the campaign continues. Thank you Nathalie!” 


—Heather Jensen, Owner of Inspired Web Design


Nathalie was wonderful to work with through the entire process to help us tell Underhill's story. The metrics show the proof is in the pudding: regular site visits and subscribers with frequent compliments!

Underhill Engineering


Nathalie is passionate about telling a company’s story in a beautiful and reverent way. Our new website is our most popular marketing material. We get hundreds of visits per day and loads of comments about how beautiful and easy our site is to use. It brings in new clients, new members, and has refreshed our whole organization.

Nonprofit Executive Director

Let’s chat about your vision & how best to scale your business.


Having worked with businesses and nonprofits of all sizes, I know that a strategic brand gives you an advantage in the market, attracts more leads, makes your sales process easy, and positions you as a leader in the market. 

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