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Become the most in-demand expert in your niche

Helping you scale your online business for income, influence & impact—without sacrificing your integrity (or your sanity!)

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Become the most in-demand expert in your niche

Helping you scale your online business for income, influence & impact—without sacrificing your integrity (or your sanity!)

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Download your free copy to learn 5 easy strategies that will help you attract more clients online. Includes action tips & checklist

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You’re ready to start sharing a vision that truly means something to you.


—  You’re putting in the hard work but not getting the results you need. 

—  You feel frustrated, knowing that you have the skills to achieve anything you put your mind to but you're not making progress fast enough.

—  You see other people in your industry making great money and wonder what they are doing differently—


Here's the problem:

The tools that got you here aren't the ones you need to get to where you want to be.  

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"Since implementing our new brand & a storytelling strategy on our website and marketing with Nathalie, we have seen a steady stream of leads each week — we're now booked 12 months out and get to choose who we want to work with. I don't even have to think about finding new clients anymore!” 


—James P., Construction Business Owner

Ready to roll up your sleeves and start seeing the results you want?


You’re a coach, author or expert service provider ready to:

+ Build a business that allows you to create meaningful success & impact

+ Raise your revenue and profit 

+ Learn to speak up, inspire others and lead from your deepest purpose. (Because hands down, this is the best way to level-up.)

You're ready to become known for something.

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Hi, fellow driven entrepreneur, I'm Nathalie.

You deserve to feel like the hard work you’re putting in is making a difference. I know the success you're looking for is within you, you just need the right formula of coaching and tools that really move the needle for your business as you learn to step up and lead. 

As a Certified Professional Coach and StoryBrand consultant with nearly two decades experience working with businesses and nonprofits of all sizes, I know that a mission-driven business actually gives you an advantage in the market, makes running your business so much easier, and positions you as a leader.

Everything you want is within reach when you have the specific set of business and leadership tools that help you step into your power and profitability with ease.

That's where I come in.

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For: Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Emerging Thought Leaders Founders, Creatives, and Course Creators who are ready to make a positive impact with their business.


Personalized Coaching

You’re all in. You want strategic coaching to help you address what's working and what's not. Let's do this.

Get ready for a Massive Shift

Workshops & Intensives

Learn how to use storytelling for your brand so that you magnetize people to your business- with your coach by your side at every step

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Clarify your Message

Take your brand from run of the mill to tell me more by implementing your high-converting Business & Marketing Playbooks

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"Nathalie is a wonderful strategic thinker and partner. In working with her, you feel like she's part of your business. She does wonderful work. I can't recommend Nathalie highly enough."

—Tom Perrin, High-level performance coach and consultant

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We'll talk through your top business challenges + where you want to be 12 months from now



We'll identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be. We’ll discuss how I can support you in actually getting to the next level in your business!



Receive the tools, strategies, and resources to close the gap, learn to lead and turn your ambitions into reality.

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